I’ve recently encountered some professional contacts who rely on this site for updates on my career, and I realized I needed to post something about my recent moves. I have returned to Argus Media as Bureau Chief in New York, a title I’ve held before at a company where I’ve worked before. But in the […]

First principles are important. Rooting New York Energy Week in the priorities established by a community of volunteers, participants, sponsors and advisors paid off in the second iteration of the event series last month with panels of exceptional insight, unusually impactful networking and deserved attention for an industry that too often flies under the radar […]

I traditionally focus on writing about the energy business and particularly its intersection with finance and regulation, but I recently had the opportunity to grow my remit slightly and learn more about a business that I’d never previously given much thought to: brick making. I traveled to Hebron, North Dakota to write about a company […]

I struggle, frankly, with the amount of time I seem to need to spend reading to keep my mind in order. I notice a sharp fall-off in performance and quality if I take even a short few-days break from reading, but the lack of clarity in the relationship between my reading input and my work […]

We’re in the final days of preparation for New York Energy Week 2014, and I wrote a long piece on big data and energy but also a shorter piece with the highlights. Here it is: Given that big data is one of the hottest topics in business today and that the energy commodities sector is […]

I rarely think there’s much point to apologetic blog postings about how little one’s written, but here I am putting one together anyway. Busily writing for projects that aren’t published online, aren’t distributed publicly, aren’t out yet or are published under an institution’s byline rather than my own, there hasn’t been as much public work […]

People often say that New York doesn’t really have an energy industry, and by that they mean that most of the large energy companies and many of the large professional service practices and public institutions dedicated to traditional aspects of energy and resource development are not customarily┬ábased here (at least not anymore). When I moved […]


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