Business development is one of those professional terms that has grown in use over recent years as the steady disaggregation of tasks requires a counterbalancing integration of job descriptions. A business development professional has hands in lots of pies, from product research to marketing and probably most transparently¬†in what used to be known as just […]

The energy industry has the opportunity to become a leader rather than a laggard on climate change risk analysis by embracing the evaluation of risks and applying its significant financial and management resources to the improvement of climate resiliency. A new National Climate Assessment is set for¬†release in late April 2014, and one of the […]

I wasn’t raised or educated to be rude, which is another way of saying I’ve rarely been particularly direct. As the stakes in the energy sector have steadily risen though, I’ve noticed an urge to get a little more blunt in my assessments of what the industry’s regulatory and corporate leadership are up to. Judging […]

To be part of something truly original is rare, difficult and exciting – often all at the same time. I helped the founders of Energy Solutions Forum put together last year’s inaugural New York Energy Week and, in addition to speaking at some events and helping out across a number of fora, I wrote a […]

I write with some regularity for the Center for a New American Security’s online publications as part of my role as Adjunct Fellow in their energy and environmental security program. One area of particular interest for CNAS and for the energy sector has been in emerging Arctic development issues, and I wrote the below for […]

Process innovation is rarely as thrilling as product innovation. A new gadget that at a glance conveys its transformative potential gets all the attention, but often those same gadgets exist in a dialectic relationship with the processes out of which technology emerges. Here’s how that dialectic works: A technology is born from a series of […]

Energy consumers live in a time of rapid technology change, but if Digital Lumens has its way lighting consumers at least may rarely notice the adjustments except where they benefit. It would have been hard until recently to come up with a sector of industry less exciting for its world-changing possibilities than lighting. Major manufacturers […]


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